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SELECTBIO Conferences Track Two


A Lab on Chip System for the Rapid Detection of Bacterial Spores

Meng-Han Kuok, Co-founder, Camtech

Anthrax remains one of the greatest threats in bioterrorism today. This talk presents a novel integrated system for the rapid detection of bacterial spores of Bacillus, of which Anthrax is a species. The system is based on a lab on chip device for sample introduction, transport, germination and detection. Detection is targeted at the germination process of bacterial spores. This is done by using novel optical holographic (smart polymer) sensors that undergo a morphological change in response to biochemical events, resulting in an optical wavelength shift in the wavelength of reflected light. The system also integrates fluidic input, transport and mixing of sample spores and germinant liquid in a single microfluidic chip, providing sample to result in 10 minuntes. It offers a rapid, versatile device for the identification of Anthrax spores suitable for handheld use by first responders.

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