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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in qPCR & dPCR


Current and emerging applications of droplet digital PCR in Cancer Research

Eli Mrkusich, Global Digital Applications Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Digital PCR is a nucleic acid quantification method based on sample partition technology and Poisson statistics. The absolute quantification of digital PCR without using standard curves allows direct comparison of results between laboratories and from different time points. Moreover, digital PCR is an end-point PCR that does not depend on amplification efficiency and facilitates the measuring of low-abundant species. Besides these benefits, the unique result display provides rich information on assay and sample quality, which helps in optimizing assays and interpreting the data. More cancer researchers turn to digital PCR for answers. Although digital PCR is still considered to be a relatively new technology, it drives the PCR market upward with fast-growing applications in biomarker discovery, molecular profiling, liquid biopsy screening, early mutation detection and residual disease monitoring. In this talk I will focus on digital PCR assays developed on Droplet DigitalTM PCR platform, and discuss the researches enabled by these innovative tools.

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