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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in qPCR & dPCR


Microfluidic PCR instrumentation for high-throughput gene expression profiling

Christopher Hayes, Researcher, University of Limerick

Large scale gene expression profiling has become an essential tool for many biological and medical investigations. The need for higher throughput with and increased level of specificity coupled with reduced volumes of reagents has become a dominant factor for the PCR and gene expression profiling in particular. The approach is based upon the concept of using microfluidic droplets (~250nl), acting as distinct miniature reactors, from which we will be able to quantify gene expression levels. Utilising microfluidics provides numerous advantages for gene expression: economies of scale, parallelisation, automation, increased sensitivity and precision that come from small volume reactions. A microfluidic gene expression instrument has been developed that performs real-time qPCR in a continuous flowing process and demonstrates the highest quality results using nanoliter volumes. The system provides an integrated platform that has all the necessary components such as sample-reagent mixing, thermal cycling and optical detection to analyse the gene expression levels from sample to results. A variety of experimental processes can be performed which benefit from the high level of control over the droplets within the microfluidic system and the ability to use a large variety of assays and reagents in a continuous, contaminant free environment.

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