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Synthesis of B-Doped Carbon Dots with Bovine Serum Albumin for Bio-imaging and Cancer Therapy

Fahmida Khan, Professor, NIT Raipur

Carbon dots are newly developed, light emitting class of carbon nanomaterials which have unique and tunable photoluminescence properties. These are the potential probes for biomedical application due to their fascinating characteristics. Their surface passivation and functionalization results the development of useful physicochemical properties. Chemical doping with heteroatoms effectively modulates the photoluminescence properties of Carbon dots. Optical properties of carbon dots are tuned by controlling the core size and surface chemistry. Their applications in bio-imaging and cancer therapy are well established. A study of molecular interaction between Boron doped carbon dots (B-Doped CDs) and Bovine serum albumins (BSA) under the physiological condition is been reported here. B-Doped CDs with maximum emission of 444 nm were synthesized by microwave treatment process. In order to determine quantitatively and qualitatively  affinity  of B-Doped CDs to BSA and to investigate the thermodynamics  property of their interaction, detailed investigation of BSA-B-CDs association has been carried out by using multispectrcoscopic approaches. The stoichiometry of BSA and B-CDs binding has been also established. Specially, the conformational changes of BSA induced by  B-doped CDs  has been studied by using  fluorescence spectroscopy, UV-Visible spectroscopy and FT-IR spectroscopy, which may provides structural information that elucidate the biological effects of B doped CDs. Results obtained are reveals that there is static quenching mechanism. This is used in bioimaging and cancer research.

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