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Live Cell Super Resolution using Structured Illumination Imaging

Leanna Ferrand, Product Support Leader, Cellular Imaging & Analysis, GEHC Life Sciences

GE’s DeltaVision™ OMX system is capable of fast 2D, 2D SIM-TIRF and 3D structured illumination imaging, making live cell super-resolution imaging a possibility. Structured illumination microscopy is a super-resolution imaging technique that offers researchers a 2 fold increase in resolution both laterally and axially. Effectively an 8 fold increase in 3D volume resolution along with significant increases in contrast making small dim objects more visible. This is achieved by illuminating the sample with a 2D or 3D structured light pattern in order to extract high resolution information previously undetectable by conventional microscopes. This approach is not dependent on particular photophysical properties of the dyes used and is compatible with the majority of common fluorophores. Additionally, DeltaVision™ OMX has ultrafast widefield imaging capabilities, ring TIRF and localization microscopy options, offering users access to a wide variety of imaging modalities.

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