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SELECTBIO Conferences BioMEMS, Microfluidics & Biofabrication: Technologies and Applications


In vitro Adipogenic and Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone-Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Chitosan/Dextran-based Hydrogel

Jaydee Cabral, Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Otago

A chitosan/dextran-based (CD) injectable, nontoxic, surgical hydrogel has been developed and shown to be an effective post-operative aid in prevention of scar tissue formation in vivo. CD hydrogel’s effectiveness in a surgical setting prompted an investigation into its capacity as a potential bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell (BM-MSC) delivery vehicle for regenerative wound healing applications. By housing BM-MSCs within a biocompatible hydrogel matrix, viability and protection in cultivation, as well as direct delivery to the damaged site in the host tissue may be achieved. BM-MSC growth and proliferation in the presence of CD hydrogel were determined by Calcein-AM/Ethidium homodimer-1 fluorescence staining; and by nuclear staining with Hoechst 33342, followed by automated counting of micrographs using ImageJ. Flow cytometry studies revealed expression of a conventional BM-MSC surface marker profile. In addition, BM-MSCs in the CD hydrogel were able to successfully differentiate into adipocytes and osteocytes. In summary, the CD hydrogel supports MSC growth and differentiation; and therefore, may be used as a potential stem cell delivery vehicle for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications.

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