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Molecular Functional Imaging Applications in Experimental Cancer Cell Model – Contributions to Human Health

Abhijit De, Scientific Officer ‘F’ & Principal Investigator, ACTREC

Molecular Imaging (MI) provides the power of extracting dynamic molecular functions both in live cell or fixed cell format. Such information is important for delineating disease causing events at an early stage, thereby determine the therapeutic interventions. In the area of non-communicable human disorders like cancer, today we recognize that cancer is a heterogeneous disease and each tumor is an entity that requires individual characterization to determine its susceptibility to find the most appropriate treatment. Miniaturized medical imaging tool-boxes now made available are suitable for testing concepts of personalized medicine in cell or small animal models, and help direct translation of lead therapeutics to the cancer clinic. This presentation will focus on highlighting bioluminescence imaging guided sensing of in vivo molecular functions that has revolutionized the field of cell screening technology. I will keep a special emphasis on the scope of bioluminescence resonance energy transfer based sensor technology developed by us. 

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