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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2016


Nutraceuticals as Antiobesogenic Lead Molecules

Suman Kapur, Senior Professor & Head , BITS, Pilani

The rising incidence of obesity, defined by WHO as “phenotypic manifestation of abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that alters health and increases mortality”, is a major public health concern with enormous social and economic costs. Several studies have exposed the underlying relationship between adiposity, inflammation and the development of various metabolic disorders. Diet derived phytochemicals appear to be able to target different stages of the adipocyte (fat cell) lifecycle. While polyphenols have been suppress growth of adipose tissue other phytochemicals possess strong anti-inflammatory activity. Identification and characterization of the anti-obesogenic properties of phytochemicals in vegetables offers an opportunity to develop nutraceuticals that can impact the epidemic of obesity and all allied ill-health effects. Development and maintenance of obesity involves many complex molecular mechanisms and interconnected cell signaling pathways and an appropriate mix of plant/vegetables derived nutraceuticals has a strong potential to attenuate more than one pathway involved in adipocyte proliferation, fat accumulation and processing of dietary fats per se. the richest vegetable sources of potential anti-obesity phytochemicals appear to be: the red varieties of onion, lettuce, capsicum, curly kale and orange-fleshed varieties of sweet potato. The presentation will review the recent developments in understanding the role of phytochemicals in managing abnormal fat accumulation leading to metabolic lesions for subsequent development of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory disorders and cancer.

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