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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in Food and Beverage Analysis


Food Safety & Standards Regulations – Recent Updates

Prabodh Shirish Halde, Head, Marico

FSSAI has completed 8 years of it’s implementation.The new food safety and standards act’s rules & regulations are implemented in India on 5th August 2011. The earlier Act and rules, PFA was repealed after 55 years of existence along with other 7 regulations. The Industry welcome this move and intent of the act is very positive and Act is based on science and risk analysis. Consumer safety is given prime importance. Dynamic leadership has made many changes in food safety and it’s emerges as now shared responsibility.

New changes are
a)   Registration,Licensing & Nomination
b)   Import of food regulations
c)   Nutraceutical regulations
d)   Reduction in court cases through adjudication process
e)   FOSTAC implementation
f)    Organic regulations
g)   Proposed Packaging /Lebelling and Claim guidelines
i)    GMP/GHP-Schedule 4 is mandatory for all Food businesses.
j)    Technical person compulsory
k)   Food fortification initaitves
This act is based on scientific principles and now since GMP/GHP is mandatory we can see very good focus on food safety
FSSAI has emphasized on shared responsibility and thus every individual has to be part of food safety culture.

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