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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in Food and Beverage Analysis


Food Regulations and Good Laboratory Practices- Hygiene Practices, Quality Management

Narendra Tripathi, General Manager - Quality Assurance, Tirupati Wellness

Hygiene is a set of practices, which help to preserve health; it is govern through the conditions that prevent the spreading of diseases. Hygiene in common way by people is considered as cleanliness, but hygiene has broad spectrum. For industries it is of  great importance topic  during every  day operations for product processing  either it is nutraceuticals food products  or pharmaceuticals  or any category  of food products or Ayurvedic products . The organizations   as well as Pharmaceutical organizations consider it as Good Manufacturing Practices . The depending on nature of processing of products there are different regulatory standards to govern the hygiene practices in the industries i.e. for Food Industries the applicable regulation is Schedule IV (II) (The Food Safety and Standards Act 2006),in pharmaceutical Industries Good Manufacturing Practices are govern by Schedule M( The Drugs and Cosmetics Act-1940), in Ayurvedic industries Good Manufacturing Practices are regulated through Schedule –T (The Drugs and Cosmetics Act-1940).In current scenario  there is need to maintain GMP  through  “Hygienic Engineering Practices”, which help  to process  safe and quality products  for the organizations.

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