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Integration of New Energy Fields in Flow Reactors, the Case of Ultrasound

Thomas Van Gerven, Professor, University of Leuven

Flow reactors require fast actuation and lack space to insert conventional control devices. On the other hand, many energy fields (e.g. ultrasound, microwave, light) exhibit a limited penetration depth. Therefore energy-actuated flow reactors appear to be an ideal marriage. Ultrasound-assisted milliflow reactors are indeed an excellent example of process intensification. The presentation will focus on the use of ultrasound in flow systems, especially dealing with multiphase systems. In crystallization processes, ultrasound can improve nucleation, steer crystal growth and suppress clogging. In liquid-liquid systems, ultrasound can support mixing. Points of attention will be addressed, such as the optimal frequency and the effect of cavitation type. The presentation will end with a perspective on scale-up.

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