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Enabling Technologies in Organic Chemistry- From Minireactors to New Heating Techniques

Andreas Kirschning, Group Leader, Leibniz University of Hannover

In order to combine the interesting features of such nanoparticles with flow synthesis we showed for the first time, that those particles can efficiently and very rapidly be heated by an inductive magnetic field. When serving as fixed bed material composed of an iron oxide core and a silica shell inside a flow reactor the reactant stream can be rapidly heated to well above 220°C. The particle architecture allowed us to immobilize catalytic species on the nanoparticle surface and e.g. perform palladium catalysed transformations.The report presents the latest applications in this newly emerging field, covering organic reactions, reactor and system design as well as heterogeneous catalysis. It will provide a critical view on scopes and limitations of inductively heatable nanoparticles as fixed bed material and will disclose alternatives to heat mesofluidic reactors by inductive heating.

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