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Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis in Microflow Systems

Kirsten Zeitler, Associate Professor, University of Leipzig

The development of new efficient methods for synthesis is still a great challenge for organic chemists, especially in the context of catalytic and environmentally benign processes. Here, during the last few years visible light photoredox catalysis has emerged as a powerful method not only for providing versatile access to radical intermediates, but also in the context of synergistic catalytic methods. These allow for non-traditional, formerly unattainable synthetic transformations. While long reaction times and low yields are known to be critical issues for photocatalytic batch reactions, the application of flow-through systems is particularly beneficial to circumvent such drawbacks. In microflow reactors the high surface-to-volume ratio ensures improved light penetration through the reaction mixture and also often contributes greatly enhanced heat and mass transfer as compared to common batch systems. The lecture will detail our recent work in this area and demonstrate the advantages of microflow methods for increased productivity of synergistic photocatalytic reactions as well as for transformation of unstable intermediates.

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