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Flow Chemistry Tool Kit – Novel Technology and Chemistry Including Electrochemistry in Flow

Yann Lecouturier, Regional Manager, Syrris Ltd

Over the last 10 years flow chemistry has evolved from obscurity to the most rapidly developing synthetic chemistry process. Chemists are now able to perform a wider range of faster, cleaner, safer chemistry. This presentation specifically looks at how specific areas of flow chemistry have developed over the last 2-3 years, both from a chemistry and technology viewpoint. A range of technology and applications will be covered. A major technology development in the last few years is the advancement of electrochemistry in flow. Flow plus electrochemistry is an exciting combination due to high surface areas and small electrode distances. It can offer unique activation of chemical reactions enabling selectivity and transformations not possible by other techniques, a reduction in the quantities of toxic and hazardous oxidising/reducing reagents used (a catalytic amount can be used and continually reactivated) and rapid oxidations/reductions. This novel technology is now generating huge interest for its ability in the efficient generation of known drug metabolites. This presentation looks at developments in the technology with demonstrated chemistry and shows that flow chemistry systems can be easily used as a chemists toolkit which can yield multiple benefits for many chemical processes.

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