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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Europe 2016


Development of a Flow Tube and Software for Online Reaction Monitoring

Anna Codina, Product Portfolio Manager, Bruker

We describe the development of a novel solution, flow tube and dedicated software, for process understanding and optimisation, utilizing NMR. The new flow tube enables online monitoring of chemical reaction in real-time under real conditions. This is achieved by fast and continuous transfer of reaction mixtures from a reaction vessel into the flow tube, located in the NMR probe, with temperature control from the vessel to the probe. The new software is a single interface for automatic acquisition control and interactive data analysis. Acquisition parameters are optimised on-the-fly based on real-time kinetic data. The software interface is designed for easy use and straightforward experiment set up, making process monitoring by NMR accessible to a wide variety of users from NMR spectroscopists to chemist, engineers and analysts. The applicability of the software in tandem with the flow tube is demonstrated with an example from pharmaceutical industry [2, 3], which illustrates the role of NMR in process analytical technology.

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