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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics: Companies, Technologies and Commercialization


Innovative Solutions for Next-Generation Biotechnology Devices

Bernd Dielacher, Business Development Manager, EV Group (EVG)

To successfully commercialize modern chip-based biotechnology devices in a fast growing market with stringent requirements and high regulatory hurdles, precise and cost-effective micro-structuring technologies are essential. Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) has evolved from a niche technology to a powerful high-volume manufacturing method that is able to serve today’s needs and overcome the challenges of increasing complexity of microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices. NIL is a patterning technique with unique capabilities to produce a multitude of different sizes and shapes on a large scale by imprinting either into a biocompatible resist or directly into the bulk material with resolutions down to 20 nm. The presentation will discuss NIL technologies, such as hot-embossing, UV-NIL and micro-contact-printing. In addition to structuring technologies, sealing and encapsulation is a central process for establishing confined microfluidic channels. Thus, bonding of different device layers, capping layers or interconnection layers is a key process that can be implemented together with NIL in a cost-effective large-area batch process which will be also reviewed in this presentation. Together with bonding processes that are well aligned with NIL structuring techniques, limitations of current fabrication methods can be overcome to enable the production for next-generation biotechnology devices.

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