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SELECTBIO Conferences Novel Formulation Strategies


Liquid Filled Hard Capsules as Novel Dosage Form

Milind Biyani, Director, Aspire Advisors Private Limited

Any formulation which can flow below 70 degree Celcius and compatible with the gelatin or HPMC capsules can be filled in hard capsules. This includes filling of self emulsifying formulations, thixotropic gels and hot melts. This enables enhancing bioavailability, handling and stabilizing hygroscopic drugs and immediate release or sustained release formulations. Potent drugs can be filled with more accuracy and reduces exposure to dust. It can be made abuse resistant formulation. R&D scale as well as production scale machines are available for efficient filling and sealing of the capsules.  Hard capsules can be efficiently pre-printed for product differentiation and   provide counter fitting solutions. Thus many formulation problems can be solved which will be difficult to handle as soft gelatin capsules, powder filled hard capsules or as tablets.

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