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SELECTBIO Conferences Novel Formulation Strategies


Improving Patient Compliance by Formulation Design

Shantanu Damle, Manager, Colorcon

With evolving regulations, the Pharmaceutical Industry now needs to focus on Patient compliance as one of the most important Aspects while marketing their product. There are new guidance documents from Regulators targeted around Patient safety and Compliance being one of the important aspects of development. Though, it is more of a company level activity and strategy, the onus ultimately comes on to the formulation Scientist to ensure that he/she makes the formulation not only in compliance to the regulations, compendia, but also keep an eye on how to improve its compliance to the patients. This paradigm shift would change the way we approach our formulation development activities and puts more focus on Safety by Design as part of development. The presentation will cover various aspects on how patient compliance can be improved by use of simple techniques like Coating, Impact of size, shape of dosage form and coating to improve swallowability, taste masking of bitter tasting drugs etc. The ultimate aim would be to help reduce medication errors, Ease of identification, swallowability and palatability of dosage forms in – turn helping to improve the patient compliance.

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