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SELECTBIO Conferences Novel Formulation Strategies


Design and Evaluation of Novel Topical Drug Delivery System of an antibacterial

Priyanka Patil, , Bombay college of pharmacy kalina

Treatment of chronic wounds represents significant challenges and thus, there exists a need to develop delivery systems maximizing skin retention of drugs.  Bacterial and fungal infections may prolong wound healing and maintaining therapeutic concentrations of anti-infectives in the skin may promote treating both acute and chronic wounds. The objective of this study was to develop and evaluate nanolipid carriers of Mupirocin Calcium, a topical antibiotic that can be proposed to increase penetration and reduce frequency of application to skin. The lipidic nanoparticles of Mupirocin were developed by Phase Inversion Temperature method using Precirol ATO 5, Oleic acid and Kolliphor RH 40 as solid lipid, liquid lipid and surfactant respectively. The nanoparticles showed drug entrapment efficiency of 60.04 ±2.316 % with particle size of 60 – 100nm and PDI of 0.23 The nano dispersions were subjected to freeze thaw cycles at -4 to 400C for 24 h for one week and were found to be stable. The in vitro drug release from the nano dispersions was sustained for 8 hours. The nanocarriers can be further incorporated into topical gels, sprays, films etc. Such a delivery system can be proposed to enhance skin deposition for effective wound healing, thereby improving patient compliance.

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