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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care Diagnostics 2017


Origami for Paper Based DNA testing of Infectious Diseases

Jonathan Cooper, Wolfson Professor and University Vice Principal, Glasgow University

We have recently developed a new platform, enabling us to obtain DNA based information of species for the diagnosis of a range of infectious microbes, on a “low-cost” paper format using origami- paper folding to manipulate the sample and reagents. The sensors are produced using hot-wax printing and the assay, which can be performed by a non-expert, uses paper-folding (origami) to bring sample and reagents into contact, see We have implemented nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) isothermal assays (e.g. LAMP) from real samples including whole blood, faeces and sperm. Our current work includes the “multiplexed” detection of three species of sexually transmitted diseases “in the field” in Indian cattle with the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, and three species of plasmodium from a finger-prick volume of patients’ blood (in London’s malarial reference laboratories, with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). Most recently we have used this latter test in Uganda, enabling DNA-based sensing to be performed in rural communities providing rapid, sensitive, quantitative and accurate measurements of infectious microbes.

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