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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care Diagnostics 2017


Pencil and Paper Diagnostic Devices in The Hands of Untrained Users

Andres Martinez, Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Paperfluidic devices, also known as microPADS, have been described as a promising platform for the development of point-of-care diagnostic assays for use in the field and other resource-limited settings. MicroPADs are inexpensive to fabricate, they are typically small and portable, and they are claimed to be simple to operate, but how accurate and precise are paper-based diagnostic tests in the hands of untrained users? This presentation will describe our work on the development of a simple paper-based test for glucose as well as our experiences with introducing microPADs into a general chemistry laboratory course for first-year college students. Over 100 students prepared and then performed paper-based tests for glucose and quantified the results using a smart phone and a 3-point external calibration curve. We then evaluated the accuracy and precision of the results to determine whether paper-based diagnostic devices can indeed deliver on their promise to be useful in the hands of untrained users.

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