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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care Diagnostics 2017


New Lyophilization Strategies Boosting POC Technologies

Thomas Brandstetter, Group Leader, University of Freiburg

In face of many intensive R&D for easy and simple molecular POC-diagnostic kits delivery of these kits must be realized for cooling reasons with dry ice. Storage has to be done at least at -20°C and the storage time is limited up to months. Conventional lyophilization procedures are sometimes limited. Resuming this, a lyophilization strategy for POC-kit components to get rid of these limitations is highly recommended. After reviewing the state of the art and summarizing different techniques for lyophilization in the area of POC a new lyophilization strategy will be presented. Proteins could be immobilized on top of a hydrogel by photocrosslinking. This hydrogel with the proteins will be coated with a water soluble coating functioning as a protective layer for lyophilizaton. These copolymers will imitating hydratization effects. In consequence lyophilization could be done easily. Reconstitution will be realized by washing away the protective layer. Within this delivery and storage of the kit components could be realized at room temperature. qRT-PCR One-Step Master-Mix, an highly relevant enzyme mix of reverse transcriptase and Taq-Polymerase will be used as demonstrator.

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