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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit Europe 2023


Space (Heart) Ship: A Heart-on-Chip Model to Study Cardiovascular Dysfunction in Space

Kevin Tabury, Researcher, SCK CEN

After two decades of human presence in orbit around Earth on the International Space Station (ISS), human settlement on the Moon and Mars is currently the next challenge to address in deep space exploration. Exiting the protection of our magnetosphere also lead to increase health risks from prolonged exposure to microgravity and space radiation that could seriously jeopardize space missions. Cardiovascular dysfunction and in particular accelerated cardiac aging is one of the concerns. Aging of the heart causes atherosclerosis, fibrosis, and reduced heart muscles contractility leading ultimately to heart failure. Despite our technological advances, the current molecular and cellular understanding of cardiovascular diseases because of aging is limited and mainly based on animal models. With an estimated radiation exposure of 0.5-1Sv for a manned mission to Mars, such increased cardiovascular risk becomes extremely relevant. In Space, the risks of cardiovascular diseases are also enhanced by microgravity. Thus, a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms leading to cardiac aging is one of the key challenges in developing countermeasures. In this context, investigating the interplay between particle radiation and microgravity on cardiac aging in heart-on-chips becomes crucial. During this presentation, we will introduce our newest project and current advances in the development of a heart-on-chip model to study cardiovascular dysfunction in space.

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