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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit Europe 2023


Organ-on-Chip and Organoid Technologies - Towards a Rotating Disk-based Approach for In-Orbit Research

Simon Werner, Scientist, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen

Tissue studies and the use of organ on chip technologies in the microgravity environment of the ISS have been shown for many years now. The research conducted has not only proven that such systems can provide valuable data and insights for medical issues in space. Moreover, disease models based on the accelerated changes of the human body in microgravity, promise valuable insights for medical research, especially here on Earth. A parallelizable, high-throughput, space-qualified technology could pave the way for a translation of fundamental results into practical pharmaceutical research on Earth and in Earth orbit. The Micro-Organo-Lab and the NMI have been developing organ-on-chip systems for a wide variety of tissue models, such as Liver, Heart, Brain, Muscle, Retina or e.g., Trans-Blood-Brain-Barriers. Recently, a rotating organ-on-disc system capable of parallel tissue establishment and perfusion by centrifugal forces was demonstrated. Since the rotation-induced g-forces are adjustable, tissue studies can be performed in Earth orbit to investigate influences of microgravity or, for example, lunar, Martian, or Earth gravity simultaneously. Therefore, we are working on further developing this as a space-proven, scalable technology platform.

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