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Eye-mimicking microfluidic devices for clinical studies in ophthalmology

Anderson Shum, Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong

Despite the small size and simplicity, the biological eye is a fascinating organ capturing lights from the environment and converting them into complicated information. Deterioration or even loss of vision represents a significant reduction in the quality of life. As problems such as short-sightedness become more common, structural damages to the human eyes, such as retinal detachments, are also increasingly experienced. While surgical procedures and treatments with various drugs help alleviate the conditions, a more comprehensive understanding of the biological eyes and the effects of the procedures and treatments to them would allow ophthalmologists to design and optimize strategies to address the conditions. However, it remains difficult to monitor the biological eyes on a cellular and microscopic scale in action. Recent advances in micro-engineering and cell-culturing technologies provide the capability needed to mimic the eyes on a chip. In this talk, I will share our efforts on designing devices that capture the geometry and cellular environments of the eyes and discussing examples on how these devices can potentially improve treatment strategies in ophthalmology.

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