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SELECTBIO Conferences Track One


Optofluidics and Optical Force for Nano-manipulation and Sorting

Ai Qun Liu, Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Microfluidics represent the science and technology that process or manipulate small amount of fluids (10-9 to 10-18 liters) with dimensions of tens to hundreds of micrometers in microfluidic chip. It is significant research approach in the field of manipulation and sorting of nanometer-size particle and molecule with dimensions of tens to hundreds of nanometers in a microfluidic chip. It is a breakthrough research that provides new solutions and opportunities for a wide range of traditional micro-/nano-particle and molecule sorting, manipulation and detection by using optofluidic force. Also, this new innovation allows scientists and researchers to tackle many classical problems with new tools and new research ideas. In this talk, the state-of-arts of optofluidics and optical force research will be reviewed with the high potential applications in nano-particle and molecule manipulation, sorting and detection study are also discussed following some showcase such as a single molecule manipulation and sorting etc.

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