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SELECTBIO Conferences Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress 2014


Establishing of a Stem Cell Based Articular Cartilage Graft

Ronny Schulz, Investigator, TRM Leipzig

Focal cartilage defects result from joint distortion and if left untreated it will lead to the development of osteoarthritis of the affected knee. By the established clinical treatment algorithms such as microfracture or MACT (matrix-coupled autologous cartilage replacement therapy) it has not been possible to generate a sustainable hyaline cartilage repair tissue with adequate mechanical properties. The use of stem cells (MSC) as a cell source for the MACT may lead to superior articular cartilage tissue while minimizing the stress and the period of disability of the patient by avoiding the (mini-)arthrotomy as initial surgical intervention to harvest patient-own chondrocytes. In this presentation I will highlight the translational pathway from the idea of a stem cell based articular cartilage graft, over the proof-of-concept testing to the required relevant non-clinical studies on safety and efficacy.

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