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SELECTBIO Conferences Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress 2014


Melanocytes from Hair Follicles for Vitiligo Treatment

Vuk Savkovic, Investigator, University of Leipzig

Hair follicle, or more precisely its outer root sheath (ORS) is still a novel source of stem cells and precursors for regenerative treatments, with a significant bonus – non-invasive availability. Originally, the cells of the ORS pool are progeny of neural crest stem cells of the embryo (NCSC), which end up in most adult tissues through embryogenic  development. Therefore, the NCSC-like cells of the ORS and their progeny harbor the highest developmental potency of all the adult cells. Accordingly, ORS can give rise to more than ten types of cells of all three germ layers. At the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Leipzig and in close cooperation with Leiopzig University Clinic, we employ the ORS cell pool to develop skin lineages – melanocytes and keratinocytes. The non-invasive sampling approach is of even greater value when it comes to sensitive matters of human skin. Using patent-protected procedures, melanocytes and keratinocytes are cultivated as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – either as a spray (Somatic Cell Therapy), a pigmented epidermal equivalent (Tissue Engineering Product) or stabilized by biocompatible scaffolds (Combined Tissue Engineering Product). Each product undergoes own regulatory requirements on its way towards clinical treatment of Vitiligo and wound healing. Development has reached advanced pre-clinical phase, involving function and biostability animal studies, GMP-grading and GLP-documentation, with initial preparations for clinical trials. In this abstract, we intend to cover research and regulatory aspects of such ATMP and give a hint towards further ORS potential– mesenchymal stem cells, cell banking and translation into other species models.

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