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SELECTBIO Conferences Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress 2014


Biomaterials Enhanced Regeneration of the Human Cornea

May Griffith, Professor, Linkoping University

We developed hydrogel-based implants as regeneration templates from recombinant human collagen to mimic the multi-scale 3D architecture of the corneal stroma. Crosslinked recombinant human collagen-based implants matching the dimensions and optical properties of the human cornea were implanted into 10 patients who were awaiting transplantation for vision restoration. The implants stimulated the body’s own stem cells to regeneration the damaged corneal epithelium, stroma and nerves. These implants remained stably integrated without immunosuppression over the 4-year follow-up period. Subsequent integration of a second network of phosphorylcholine reinforced the implants allowing them to remain stable in a pilot study of high risk graft cases, e.g. chemical burn and re-graft. Further modifications of the materials provide additional tuning of the implants as regeneration templates.

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