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SELECTBIO Conferences Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress 2014


Skype Presentation - Human Hepatocyte Transplantation

Stephen Strom, Professor, Karolinska Institute

Hepatocyte transplantation is being used in the clinic to bridge patients to organ transplant, to treat metabolic liver disease and acute liver failure. Although it has been an alternative to whole organ transplantation for 20 years, the number of patients receiving this treatment is relatively small (<150). The most significant problem preventing the expansion of this technology is the availability of useful cells for transplantation. Stem cell sources of hepatocytes could dramatically change this therapy when they are safe, effective and readily available. Engraftment and repopulation of the native liver with donor cells is another significant problem. Preconditioning regimens including partial hepatectomy, radiation and embolization of hepatic vasculature are currently included in some clinical protocols, although reliable data is not available on the efficacy of the preconditioning protocols.

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