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Madhav Sapre's Biography

Madhav Sapre, Chief Technology Officer, Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP

Mr. Madhav Sapre is Currently a Chief Technology Officer, Pi-Process Intensification Experts; Director, Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd.; Technical & R & D Consultant, Mehta API P. Ltd and a Technical Advisor at M/s Techfin Consultants, Singapore.
Mr. Sapre have 37 years’ experience in Chemical & Pharma companies viz. Lasons India P. Ltd. (CTO); Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd. (Corp.Head-Tech); Alchemist Ltd. (COO), Rama Industries Ltd. (Gelatine)(VP-Works); Jacobs H&G Ltd. (GM-Projects); Hallmark Drugs & Chemicals Ltd. (Tech.Dir.); J K Industries Ltd. (Penicillin,Cephalosporin Project) ( GM) ; Praj Industries (Div.Mgr), Jayant Vitamins (Vit-C, Sorbitol) (Fact Mgr & Proj.Mgr.)
His Key Areas include API (Synthetic, Biocatalysis, Fermentation); Fine Chemicals; Intermediates & Formulations. He had Set up 26 grass-roots projects as per USFDA/UK-MHRA/WHO.
He was fully responsible for managing from Lab scale to commercial scale production of Products : Glucose ; Starch; Sorbitol; Mannitol; Vitamin C its salts and Esters; Alcohol and ENA ; Cephalexin;Cefadroxil; 7 ADCA;7ACA and downstream Cephalosporins; Lactulose ; Methyl Dopa; Ibuprofen; Gelatin; and many APIs by using Bio Catalytic and Fermentation processes and also complex Organic Synthesis.

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Efficient & Viable Bio-Catalysis in Flow

Friday, 23 January 2015 at 11:35

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