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SELECTBIO Conferences NGS in Clinical Genomics - Applications and Advances

Vamsi Veeramachaneni's Biography

Vamsi Veeramachaneni, Chief Scientific Officer, Strand Life Sciences

Dr.Vamsi Veeramachaneni received a PhD in computer science from Penn State for his work on genome assembly algorithms. He then spent two years working on topics in computational evolutionary genomics before returning to India and joining Strand Life Sciences in 2004. At Strand, Dr.Vamsi was part of the text-mining team that developed technologies to process all published bio-medical literature and guide researchers to create pathways. He has worked with pharma on projects involving data-mining of large toxicogenomics datasets, knowledge representation and visualization. Since 2008, Dr.Vamsi has guided the development of the Strand-NGS product for the analysis of sequencing data. The software is used by researchers worldwide for processing DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and methylation data. An enterprise version of the software is used by Strand in its clinical genomics diagnostics laboratory. At present, Dr.Vamsi oversees R&D activities at Strand including the development of new genomics tests. He ensures the continuous improvement of algorithms and infrastructure needed for the accurate development of challenging tests in emerging areas such as liquid biopsies.

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Data Quality and Interpretation: Do’s and Don’ts

Friday, 30 November 2018 at 14:45

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In this talk, the orator will discuss strategies for evaluating and optimising multi-step bioinformatics pipelines and will highlight how the sequencing data helps identifying common problems such as accessioning errors, cross-contamination, instrument performance degradation, NGS protocol errors etc. Finally, efficient strategies for second method evaluation that can be used to confirm these variants will be suggested.

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