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SELECTBIO Conferences Biofabrication & Biomanufacturing 2022

Jordan Miller's Biography

Jordan Miller, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Founder of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Program, Rice University

Jordan Miller's primary research interests in regenerative medicine combine synthetic chemistry, three-dimensional (3D) printing, microfabrication, and molecular imaging to direct cultured human cells to form more complex organizations of living vessels and tissues. Precisely engineered in vitro systems at the molecular, micro- and meso-scales are well suited to decouple the relationship between tissue architecture and cell function. These systems are now permitting comprehensive closed-loop design and optimization of large-scale engineered tissues through refinement with computer models of mass transport and assessment of their therapeutic potential in vivo. Miller's research projects explore the role of mass transport on cell survival and matrix remodeling in a 3D context, and utilize novel biomaterials and bioinspired vascular architectures to meet the metabolic requirements of densely populated engineered tissues. These studies will enable the creation of engineered tissues containing billions of cells and provide for the assessment of their therapeutic potential in vivo.

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