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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip Asia - Microfluidics and Point Of Care Diagnostics

Luc Bousse's Biography

Luc Bousse, Director of Microfluidics, InSilixa Inc

Luc Bousse obtained a doctoral degree at Twente University in the Netherlands, working on silicon-based chemical sensor devices.
He then became a Research Associate at Stanford University, working on silicon sensors and silicon integrated circuit technology. Subsequently, he has worked at a number of biotechnology and diagnostic companies, such as Molecular Devices (silicon pH sensors for immunoassays and cellular assays), Caliper Technologies (microfluidic systems for nucleic acid and protein analysis), Predicant Biosciences (molded polymer microfluidics for CE-MS), and Wako Diagnostics (FDA-approved diagnostic system for liver cancer biomarkers).
Most recently, he is working on the development of disposable droplet generators for digital PCR at QuantaLife, which was acquired in 2011 by Bio-Rad Laboratories. He is the inventor of 62 issued US patents, and the author of over 80 scientific publications.

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Disposable microfluidic devices for biological applications

Thursday, 20 November 2014 at 09:00

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Efforts to combine microfabrication technology, most notably silicon device technology, and biology and medicine started as early as the 1970’s with silicon-based ion-sensitive field effect transistors. Since then, the focus has mostly been on microfluidics consisting of microchannels fabricated in insulating substrates such as glass and polymers. Fabricating these with high precision injection molding enables the use of cost-effective disposable devices. More recent work on silicon VLSI-based technology has demonstrated a 2-D biosensor array of individual biosensing elements that consist of miniaturized CMOS integrated sensors interfaced with capturing molecules (probes) that can interact with bio-molecules of interest.

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