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Peter Nussbaumer's Biography

Peter Nussbaumer, Managing Director, Lead Discovery Center GmbH

Peter Nussbaumer graduated at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, in organic chemistry and received his doctoral degree in 1985 from the same university. He joined the Novartis (at that time Sandoz) Research Institute in Vienna as a postdoctoral fellow and became laboratory head there in 1987. After responsibilities as group leader in medicinal chemistry and interdisciplinary program team leader, Peter was appointed Executive Director in 2002 heading the Chemistry Department of the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in Vienna. In 2008, Peter moved to Dortmund and joined the Lead Discovery Center GmbH as Managing Director & Head of Medicinal Chemistry. In this function Peter has been co-responsible for building-up and running this unique translational drug discovery organisation founded by the Max-Planck Society. He is (co)author of 25 patent applications and 65 peer-reviewed publications, member of the International Advisory Board of ChemMedChem and referee to many medicinal and (bio)organic chemistry journals.

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Professional Translational Research: New Paradigm in Early Drug Discovery That Works

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 at 11:00

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Professional translational research (TR) brings together and synergistically leverages strengths of both academia and industry, thus, avoiding industrialization of academia. TRcenters function as mediator and translator between the two worlds paving the way for more innovative therapies.

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