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SELECTBIO Conferences Emerging Themes and Technologies in Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting

Paul Calvert's Biography

Paul Calvert, Professor of Bioengineering, UMass Dartmouth

Paul Calvert is in the Bioengineering Department at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
His current research is on 3D printing of hydrogels and composites to make small bioreactors with embedded cells.
This effort includes both inkjet and extrusion printing and is applied to human cells, yeast and algae.
Other research covers printed sensors and actuators.
He studied at Cambridge and MIT and then taught Materials at Sussex University and University of Arizona before moving to UMass.
He is a visiting professor at University of Wollongong and at New Mexico Tech.
In addition to those above, he has published on a range of topics including polymer crystallization, crystal-induced joint diseases, polymer degradation, composite materials, biomimetic materials, conducting polymers, ceramics processing, printed electronics. Current courses are Biology for Engineers, Biomechanics, Biomaterials, and Biomimetics.

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Extrusion Printing of Hydrogels with Embedded Cells

Monday, 9 February 2015 at 14:30

Add to Calendar ▼2015-02-09 14:30:002015-02-09 15:30:00Europe/LondonExtrusion Printing of Hydrogels with Embedded

A 3D printer has been used to make porous open gel “logpiles” with 200 micron bars containing embedded cells including yeast, fibroblasts and algae.  The activity of the cells has been studied as a function of gel composition.  As expected, cells can metabolize and multiply within a 100 microns of the gel surface.  Following the activity of a yeast membrane-bound invertase and comparing this with known diffusion coefficients allows us to quantitatively model metabolism. The gel formulations need to give good strength coupled with easy diffusion of nutrients and products will be discussed.  Diffusion coefficients have also been measured for a number of macromolecules in different types of printed gels in order to determine the possibility of using encapsulated cells in 3D gel scaffolds as small bioreactors to produce proteins.

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