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SELECTBIO Conferences Single Cells and Circulating Biomarkers Summit 2019

Timothy K. Starr's Biography

Timothy K. Starr, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Starr received his Bachelor's degree from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics at the University of Minnesota. He currently is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ob-Gyn & Women's Health at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Starr's research is focused on understanding the genetics of cancer to guide and develop new therapies. His lab has developed mouse models of cancer generated by inducing random mutations using the Sleeping Beauty DNA transposon as an insertional mutagen. These models have resulted in the identification of novel drivers of tumorigenesis. In addition, the Starr lab has developed bioinformatic algorithms for analyzing both human and mouse genomic data to effectively identify driver genes. Finally, the lab has ongoing research projects to analyze the role of several candidate cancer genes, including APOBEC3B, KCNQ1, CFTR, and CUL3.

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