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Kuldeep Singh's Biography

Kuldeep Singh, Senior Molecular Geneticist (Professor), Punjab Agricultural University

Dr Kuldeep Singh is presently Senior Molecular Geneticist (Professor). His fields of competence are Plant Breeding, Molecular Breeding, Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Wide Hybridization. He completed his Ph. D. (Plant Breeding) from Punjab Agricultural University in 1989. He has published more than 200 publications including 94 in refereed journals including Science, PNAS, Genetics, TAG, Crop Science, PLoS ONE, Euphytica, Molecular Breeding, Current Science, etc. He has guided 13 M. Sc and 14 Ph D students as major advisor and 80 other students in various other disciplines. Dr Kuldeep is involved in development of three varieties of wheat and five of rice (all involving MAS). He has Led/leading 28 externally funded projects at PAU including Wheat Genome Sequencing Project since 1998.

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Genomics Assisted Breeding: Potential, Progress and Limitations

Thursday, 20 August 2015 at 14:10

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In this talk, Potential, Progress and Limitations of Genomics Assisted Breeding will be covered. It will discuss regarding genome research and the ways in which genomics tools can be used for further improving and sustaining crop productivity in more precise way. Further, it will highlight how hybridization based DNA markers RFLPs, PCR based markers RAPD, AFLP™ , SSR, sequence based markers SNPs and GBS has revolutionized the approach for looking at both qualitative and quantitative traits and how using these markers comprehensive linkage maps have been developed. Finally, some examples will also be discussed along with the applications of Genome Research in Crop Improvement. 

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