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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabomeeting 2014

Emily Grace Armitage's Biography

Emily Grace Armitage, Postdoc Researcher, Universidad San Pablo

Emily graduated in Biology from the University of Sheffield in 2008. Following this she started her career in metabolomics at the University of Manchester where she accomplished her PhD entitled Systems Biology of HIF Metabolism in Cancer. Since completing her PhD in 2012, Emily has continued working in metabolomics as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Metabolomics and Bioanalysis, San Pablo CEU University, Madrid. Her research is mainly focused on cancer metabolism, bio-statistics and drug ‘mechanism of action’ elucidation in biological systems. She is currently involved in a range of projects studying different aspects of cancer metabolism utilizing GC-MS, UHPLC-MS and CE-MS and has a particular interest in data analysis strategies in metabolomics.

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Multiplatform Metabolomics of Oncogene Induced Senescence

Thursday, 11 September 2014 at 14:30

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Oncogene-induced senescence (OIS) is an anti-tumour mechanism of protection against cancer. To study this, we have designed a fibroblast cell line with induced RAS activation and analysed cell extracts over time by GC-MS, LC-QTOF-MS and CE-TOF-MS.

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