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Samir Hanash's Biography

Samir Hanash, Director, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Hanash is program head for Molecular Diagnostics at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Hanash’s interests and expertise focus on the
development and application of integrated approaches to the molecular profiling of cancer, with particular emphasis on proteomics. He has been a program principal investigator for several multi-investigator projects aimed at biomarker discovery and validation using
proteomics. Dr. Hanash has organized and participated in several workshops and initiatives related to diagnostics and proteomics. He is the inaugural president of the Human Proteome Organization.

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A Mouse to Human Search for Cancer Markers

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 at 08:30

Add to Calendar ▼2012-10-16 08:30:002012-10-16 09:30:00Europe/LondonA Mouse to Human Search for Cancer Markers

Despite substantial improvement in our understanding of the molecular pathology of cancer, very limited progress has been made in the molecular diagnostics of cancer. Genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic studies of cancer including the use of mouse models that recapitulate the human disease have provided leads for molecular diagnostics. The prospects of developing a blood based test to detect common cancers at an early stage has been put to test in validation studies using multiple sources of samples. As a result several marker panels have been developed that show promise for detecting early stage cancers.

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