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SELECTBIO Conferences MedChem India 2017

Amit Shard's Biography

Amit Shard, Assistant Professor, NIPER Ahmedabad

Dr Amit Shard, gainfully employed in academia and working as Assistant Professor at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)-Ahmedabad, for the last 3 years in Medicinal Chemistry department. He have been taught and trained in intellectually stimulating environment of CSIR-Institute of Himalayn Bioresource Technology, Palampur and obtained his Ph.D in Chemical Sciences.
Dr Shard’s research work largely spans around Natural product inspired C-C coupling reaction to access phenolic compounds called elixir of life with vast biological spectrum. He has expertise in synthesis/semi-synthesis of various medicinally significant moieties especially in the area of cancer and neurodegeneration. The metabolome analysis of the cancerous cells using NMR studies is also well nurtured goal. Dr Shard has 18 publications till date in top notch chemistry journals like Angew Chem (3 publications, Impact Factor 11.9), Chem. Comm., J. Med. Chem (ACS) and many others that act as testimony to my claims. His one of the publication in European journal of organic chemistry in the year 2016 was also highlighted in the form of video being highly significant in area of drug discovery.
He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and post graduation in Pharmaceutical chemistry & have received Young Achiever Award-2016 by SBSOSA and CDRI-Research Paper Incentive Award-2016. Dr Shard is the recipient of PD sethi award too. Currently, Dr Shard is working on the design, synthesis, computational validation and biological evaluation of acetylcholine esterase, M2 pyruvate kinase and antiapoptotic proteins BCL2 inhibitors. The work focuses on utilizing “Master Keys” (thiazole core) by taking into consideration the druggability aspects of molecules. He is a passionate proponent of the diversity oriented synthesis in the area of medicinal chemistry. He has strong desire to work on the front of translational drug discovery to quickly move molecules from bench to bedside.

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Boronic acid based Small Molecules as Potential Anticancer Agents

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