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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Printing in Life Sciences Conference

Paul Gatenholm's Biography

Paul Gatenholm, Professor, Director of 3D Bioprinting Center, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; CEO, CELLHEAL AS, Norway

Dr. Gatenholm is professor of Biopolymer Technology at Chalmers University of Technology, Founder of 3D Bioprinting Center, and Director of Graduate School at WWSC. He is also Adjunct Professor at Joint School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University and Adjunct Professor of Biomaterials at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. His research includes biological fabrication through the use of enzymes, cells, and the coordination of biological systems. Dr. Gatenholm is particularly interested in designing and preparing new biomaterials which can replace or regenerate tissue and organs. During past five years he has dedicated his time to development of 3D Bioprinting technology which he believes will revolutionize the field of Medicine. He has published more than 300 papers and edited several books and has more than 9000 citations. He is elected member of Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. Dr Gatenholm is an entrepreneur and is currently CEO of new biotech start up in Oslo, Norway.

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3D Bioprinting of Human Cartilage and Skin with Novel Bioink

Thursday, 9 July 2015 at 10:30

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3D Bioprinting technology is expected to revolutionize the field of cell culturing, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. High resolution 3D Bioprinters can reconstruct complex microarchitecture of living tissue and organs with a resolution of 10┬Ám by dispensing a bioink and positioning several cell types and also provide the microenvironment for stem cell differentiation. We have developed a new hydrogel bioink, CELLINK, for printing living soft tissue like cartilage and skin, with cells. CELLINK is based on non-animal nanofibrillated biopolymers with unique shear thinning properties which provide high printing fidelity. The composition of CELLINK provides high cell viability and ideal conditions for cell proliferation, migration and production of extracellular matrix. CELLINK is easily crosslinked after printing to keep stable 3D structures with outstanding mechanical properties which are importance for use in bioreactors. The human chondrocytes have been successfully printed with CELLINK in complex 3D shape of human ear, meniscus and trachea. Long term study showed neocartilage formation in 3D Bioprinted constructs.

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