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SELECTBIO Conferences Academic Drug Discovery 2015

Patrick Chaltin's Biography

Patrick Chaltin, Director, K U Leuven Research & Development

Patrick Chaltin is the Managing Director of the Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3). He started CD3 in 2006 and under his management, CD3 already successfully performed multiple innovative drug discovery projects for different disease indications (HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune disorders, cancer, Dengue virus, etc.) and this in collaboration with different partners. Since the start of CD3, multiple new potential drugs have been discovered and outlicensed to biotech and big pharma companies or were at the basis of the creation of a new spin-off company. He is a qualified European Patent Attorney and was prior to the start of CD3 active as IP manager at the IP unit of KU Leuven R&D, which he joined in 2002 and where he was responsible for the management of the IP created by KU Leuven within the pharmaceutical field. He was member of the Board of Directors of Okapi Sciences until its acquisition by Aratana, of Imcyse and during 2003, he was also member of the deal flow committee of Capricorn Venture Partners for the analysis of new investment opportunities. He studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and obtained a Ph.D. in this field at the laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry of KU Leuven (Rega Institute) after which he performed post-doc research in the field of drug discovery. Patrick Chaltin is co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific publications and is inventor on multiple patent applications.

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Successful Examples of Commercialising Academic Drug Discovery Projects

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 at 11:15

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Many drugs find their origin within academic research. Examples from the past show that there are many different ways by which academic discoveries get commercialised. Recently, translational drug discovery centers have taken up the challenge and are delivering successes.

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