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William G Whitford's Biography

William G Whitford, Strategic Solutions Leader, Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Bill Whitford is Strategic Solutions Leader, BioProcess, Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Logan, UT with over 20 years’ experience in biotechnology product and process development. He joined the company 16 years ago as a team leader in R&D developing products supporting biomass expansion, protein expression and virus secretion in mammalian and invertebrate cell lines. Products he has commercialized include defined and animal product-free hybridoma media, fed-batch supplements, and aqueous lipid dispersions. An invited lecturer at international conferences, Bill has published over 250 articles, book chapters and patents in several areas of bioproduction. He now enjoys such industry activities as serving on the editorial advisory board for BioProcess International.

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The Biologicalisation of Medicine and Manufacturing

Monday, 11 November 2019 at 17:50

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The biologicalization (or the biological transformation) of manufacturing is essentially the use of digital manufacturing approaches (Industry 4.0) with biological and bio-inspired principles to support more efficient and sustainable manufacturing.  It creates a biomimetic  design – from reactions, equipment, and assemblies to materials, processes, and facilities.  For example, Nobel Prize winner Frances H. Arnold invented systems directing the evolution of enzymes now routinely used in development catalysts in manufacturing.  This approach to biologicalisation of processes is dependent upon advances in biochemistry, many of the ‘omics, as well as genetic engineering.  From another direction, advances in fermentation and cell-culture technologies is supplying a cell-based biologicalisation of processes.  Harmonization of digital principals with bio-integrated systems supports processes composed not only of biological chemistries, but of engineered organoids, tissues and cells. As supported by nano/micro-technology, cell-based systems can enable the goals of sustainability, economy and efficiency in research and therapeutics.

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