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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Printing in Life Sciences Conference

Jing Yang's Biography

Jing Yang, Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

Dr Yang is currently a senior research fellow at School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham. His research focuses on 3D bioprinting of human tissues for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications and for the production of in vitro organotypic models. His postdoctoral work has generated new biomaterials that can be used to expand stem cells and to stop bacterial adhesion. Dr Yang conducted his PhD also at University of Nottingham. His PhD concerned the fabrication and characterization of degradable glass fibre reinforced polymers for bone repair.

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3D Bioprinting of Personalized Nasal Scaffolds

Thursday, 9 July 2015 at 14:00

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In the case of a particularly aggressive or mature nasal cancer, the surgical solution is to remove the whole nose from skin down to skeleton. A total nasal reconstruction is then undertaken if the defect site is confirmed to be cancer free. Current gold standard for reconstruction after rhinectomy or severe trauma includes transposition of autologous cartilage grafts in conjunction with autologous mucosal flaps and coverage using a skin flap. The difficulty of this approach is the limited amount of autologous cartilage and mucosa from donor sites to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Moreover, harvest of autologous cartilage requires a major additional procedure which creates donor site morbidity. We have developed a method for making scaffolds for nasal reconstruction using 3D printing. In particular, we have developed a printing method that allows us to control the shell porosity of the printed scaffolds. Cell penetration into the scaffolds has been found to be improved with higher shell porosity. The co-printing of a cell-laden hydrogel and a polymer into a scaffold has also been demonstrated.

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