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SELECTBIO Conferences Organ-on-a-Chip World Congress & 3D-Culture 2017

Reyk Horland's Biography

Reyk Horland, CEO, TissUse GmbH

Dr. Reyk Horland was appointed CEO of TissUse in October 2020 following 8 years as Head of Business Development. His business network includes leading pharmaceutical and consumer product companies as well as regulatory authorities and outstanding research institutions worldwide. Prior to TissUse, Dr. Horland studied Biotechnology at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin and specialized in Medical Biotechnology. During his academic career he was involved in various tissue engineering programs, all with a focus on the commercialization of the respective products.

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Applying Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies For Predictive Substance Testing

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 at 11:00

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Current in vitro and animal tests do not reliable predict the human responses to drugs or substances because they are failing to emulate the organ complexity of the human body, leading to high attrition rates in clinical studies. For example, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) are key factors for predicting safety and efficacy of therapeutic candidates. However, these systemic effects are ignored in most in vitro tests. In order to emulate the physiological relevant in vivo crosstalk with the ability to perform systemic substance testing, we have developed a universal Multi Organ-Chip platform for long-term culture of human organ equivalents interconnected within a common capillary microfluidic network. The on-chip micro-pump ensures stable long-term circulation of media through the tissue culture compartments at variable flow rates, adjustable to physiological mechanical stresses of the respective tissues. This talk will present examples of current organ combinations and how the advanced knowledge and experience acquired will eventually enable the development of a Human-on-a-chip system. In addition, the question of how to qualify and validate these systems will be addressed.

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