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Michael Golway's Biography

Michael Golway, President & CEO, Advanced Solutions, Inc.

American entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. In November 2000, at the age of 31, Michael acquired his first technology company, IDS Engineering. The company had 2 employees with a focused business model of workflow consulting services. Today he is President & CEO of Advanced Solutions, Inc., which is a privately held company he acquired in November 2004, and parent company to an aggregate of technology businesses, including IDS Engineering. Michael's passion is building and acquiring great technology companies, while growing market share through value innovation. He is the lead inventor for the integrated solution of BioAssemblyBot® and TSIM™, a 6-Axis Robotic 3D Printing System for Human Tissue Structures. Michael has over two decades of experience leading multi-disciplined engineering, consulting and technology firms.

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Bioinks Supporting Angiogenic Potential in Organ Printing

Tuesday, 5 April 2016 at 17:00

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One of the last hurdles in the bioprinting of larger tissues and full organs is the engineering of functional vascularization. The additive manufacturing of proto-vascular biomimetic structures has progressed but limitations still exist with achieving functional vascular systems capable of angiogenesis and differentiated structures that mimic the behavior in a living organism. One challenge remaining is the development of both appropriate printing fluids and the in vitro culture media employed in the progression of the pre-implantation 3D bioprinted scaffolds.  

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