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SELECTBIO Conferences Fragment Based Lead Discovery

Peter Johnson's Biography

Peter Johnson, Research Professor, University of Leeds

Peter Johnson is currently Research Professor in the School of Chemistry, University of Leeds where he supervises both computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry research groups. A synthetic chemistry education at the University of Manchester was followed by postdoctoral work at the ETH, Zurich and later work with Nobel Laureate, EJ Corey at Harvard on the development of the LHASA system for synthesis planning. His group has developed software systems such as ORAC, SPROUT, CAESA, CLIDE and ARChem and he has founded four software companies, ORAC Ltd, Synopsys Ltd (now part of Accelrys), Simbiosys Inc, and Keymodule Ltd.

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Applications of FBDND in Antimalarial Lead Discovery

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at 14:45

Add to Calendar ▼2013-03-20 14:45:002013-03-20 15:45:00Europe/LondonApplications of FBDND in Antimalarial Lead

There is an obvious synergy between experimental fragment based drug design (FBDD) and computational fragment based de novo design (FBDND). The underlying methodology of FBDND will be discussed as will its successful application to antimalarial lead discovery.

Add to Calendar ▼2013-03-19 00:00:002013-03-20 00:00:00Europe/LondonFragment Based Lead Discovery