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J Ponmozhi's Biography

J Ponmozhi, Associate Professor, Institute of Engineering and science(IES), IPS Academy

Dr. J.Ponmozhi has recently joined as an Associate Professor in Institute of Engineering and science(IES), IPS Indore. She has completed her PhD from FEUP, University of Porto, Portugal in the interdisciplinary field of Chemical and biological Engineering. She has done her M.E in Mechanical Engineering from University of Aveiro, Portugal. Her PhD work was on Biofouling and cleaning of microchannels where she has actively learnt to fabricate less expensive transparent microchannels leaving behind the conventional expensive lithography process. She has visualized the half starving E. coli cells in a microchannel where they are made to flow at various shear stresses. Various visualization studies were made on biofouling with E. Coli, one such work is to present here in this conference. She is very much interested in inertial microfluidics to work in the area related to Drug development and Diagnostics for all by developing reliable, sensitive, easily disposal Lab-on-a-chip device that could be operated by unskilled persons as LOC’s are capable of integrating multiple process with assay automation. By proper usage of microchannel designs and hydrodynamic forces the diseased cells alone could be separated for further analysis. Diagnostics for all is a conundrum in this capitalist world, but when comparing to saving the life, the problem becomes secondary.

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Biofouling Studies in Microchannels: Visualizing Effect of Flowrate on different Biocompatible Surfaces

Friday, 15 September 2017 at 16:35

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