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SELECTBIO Conferences Exosomes & Liquid Biopsies Europe 2018

Andrew Malloy's Biography

Andrew Malloy, VP of Sales and Marketing, NanoView Biosciences

Andrew Malloy has been involved in scientific instrumentation in the EV field for more than a decade. Andrew was on of the early members of the NanoSight team who helped develop the NTA technology with the EV field. Since then Andrew has been involved in multiple technologies serving the EV field including super resolution microscopy and now is helping to ensure that the NanoView technology is aligned to the needs of the EV researcher both now and as the field progresses.

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Multilevel Analysis of Individual EVs, Direct From Sample With Minimal Purification

Friday, 26 October 2018 at 11:30

Add to Calendar ▼2018-10-26 11:30:002018-10-26 12:30:00Europe/LondonMultilevel Analysis of Individual EVs, Direct From Sample With Minimal PurificationExosomes and Liquid Biopsies Europe 2018 in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsRotterdam, The

Current analytical tools have detection limitations when used for exosome characterization due to their small size.  Specifically, exosomes have fewer surface epitopes available and low-signal relative to background levels, especially in complex samples. Current workflows require multiple measurement technologies that result in the inability to link phenotypic and physical characterization on individual EVs across a biologically relevant size range. In addition, sample purification often results in loss of sample and technique dependent biases.  

NanoView Biosciences has developed an imaging technique that allows individual EVs as small as 40nm to be characterized direct from sample with no purification in most cases. Physical characteristics such as size and EV count can be presented alongside phenotypic information at the single EV level. Low volumes of sample can be probed and a panel of up to 10 surface markers can be interrogated in parallel, in a single measurement. Lastly, through the addition of fluorescent labeling, three additional markers can be probed and colocalized across the existing panel of 10 markers.  These capabilities make the tool ideally for basic EV research, biomarker discovery and the development of EV based liquid biopsies and therapeutics.

Add to Calendar ▼2018-10-24 00:00:002018-10-26 00:00:00Europe/LondonExosomes and Liquid Biopsies Europe 2018Exosomes and Liquid Biopsies Europe 2018 in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsRotterdam, The